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Our industrial achievements are provided with constantly conducted research works which beginning concerns 1993. This year the scientific and technical branch in group under a management Dr. A.B.Bondarev has been formed.

Research work in group is spent in following basic directions:

- complex research of structure and physicomechanical properties of titanium nickelide based alloys;
- the development of scientific bases for the enhancement of the wire, pipes, sheets and rods from titanium nickelide based alloys producing technology;
- development and improvement of the semi-finished products from magnesian alloys producing technologies;
- researches of structure and properties and improvement of the pipes, wire and rods from titanium and nickel alloys producing technologies;
- scientific researches of structure and properties of metal materials on a commercial basis;
- archive: researches of the market of nonferrous metals in Russia and abroad during the period of 1990 to 2001 (the price, and its dynamics practically on all metals of the table of Mendeleyev).

The most significant results of our work are regularly published in scientific and technical conferences and forums, the most important results of our work are being protected by patents and copyright certificates.