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Alloys with special properties

Nitimet Company and IE Bondarev A.B. produce and deliver semi-finished products from alloys with special or the special regulated characteristics. Our technological capabilities allow us to make any brands of the specified alloys according to GOST, ASTM, DIN and individual technical requirements.

The main groups of the alloys we are producing:

Alloys on a nickel and iron-nickel basis. Heat resisting, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant became and alloys differ:
- high resistance to the oxidizing atmosphere at a temperature up to 1100 C
- in high coefficient of resistance to formation of scale at temperatures up to 1000 C
- high mechanical properties at temperatures up to 1200 C
- high resistance to corrosion cracking and intra crystal corrosion
- excellent indicators of high-temperature long durability
- excellent elastic properties () and other unique properties

Alloys on a cobalt basis. Their distinctive properties are unique and them, as a rule, call precision:
- the alloys containing cobalt are used in engines where high temperature is reached, in designs of aviation turbines and at temperatures above 1040 C win in durability against heat resisting nickel alloys
- alloys on the basis of cobalt widely possess steadily small and programmable coefficient of thermal linear expansion and are widely used for production of exact tools and devices
- cobalt alloys are applied in cryogenic equipment, details of metrological and measuring equipment, the astronomical equipment