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Titanium wire

Titanium round wire diameter: 100 micron and more.

Delivery form: spool, coil.

Delivery min. lot: from 10 g in spool, from 1 kg in coil.

Quality certificate:
- SGS;
- IGAS research;
- Alex Stewart International
- other independent certification firms.

The wire is produced from:
- pure titanium - 99,6%; 99,9%; 99,99%; 99,999%(wt.%), VT1-0, VT1-00, Grade 3, Grade 2, Grade 4 and others,
- titanium base alloys (VT16, PT7M, TS5, TS6, VT6, Grade 5, Grade 9) in accordance with GOST, ASTM, JIS , DIN and others.

Titanium (brief information):
Titanium is plastic metal with silvery - white colour.
Atomic number - 22.
Density - 4,54 g/cm3.
Point of fusion - 1668 C.
Temperature of ebullition - 3260 C.
Lattice structure - hexagonal, densely packed circuit .
Titanium is steady in air, water, certain alkali and acids.

Now it is known more 1000 alloys with titanium content. Titanium and titanium alloys are in want of special provision of melting, alloying , refinement and forming . Titanium wire and titanium alloy wire are used in chemical , aerospace, petrochemical industries , medicine, orthodontia, mechanical engineering, electronics, shipbuilding and etc.